Friday, November 30, 2007

One More Time We're Going to Celebrate...

I'm back, baby! Hide the women and chocolate creme-filled doughnuts! ha. The break was good. I got antsy not being able to post on Jon Kitna, Sean Taylor, or blog feuds (yes, MR CAPS will drop by sometime in the future to help out with that one), so I'm back. For now, go read my guest post on what Moneyball would look like if it were applied to drafting women; Honeyball.

Oh, I should mention a few blog resolutions. I want to have slightly higher quality posts and post a little less often. We'll see how that goes, but just warning you, I might not be on quite as much as before. Definitely less commenting on other sports blogs, too. I marked a little too much of my territory in the past, ha, and my fellow sports bloggers should get some time to wash off the stains.

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