Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sports Blog Remixes

In the past year a lot of my sports blog friends and enemies have switched blog addresses, or retired for some time only to suddenly begin posting again. There have also been a few interesting new blogs--or at least they are new to me. Here's a partial list:

Fellow Cleveland fan Scott combined with some other Cleveland fans to create a Cleveland sports blog powerhouse at waitingfornextyear.com ; read this if you like any Cleveland teams. I'm still waiting for the WFNY tailgating event, though.

Previous interview subject This Suit is Not Black is back at the AOL Fanhouse making videos again. Her fellow Fanhouse Minute alumnus Alana G is also posting at her own site. I, of course, am busily trying to steal video-making secrets from both--they make it look so easy!

CobraBrigade.com is once again open for business, as Bruce brings the Pain(e) (groan, I know, I know) on a semi-weekly basis with Colts football analysis. He knows his football very well, and I, never having played the sport, learn a lot by reading his columns.

The mad scientist/genius behind Yaysports.com has finally found his true passion: baked potatoes. When not madly shilling for the powerful Idaho spud lobby, he takes some time to talk about airplanes, Jennifer Spano, and Blackberry. Check it out.

Claude Johnson is still giving thoughtful, clever analysis over at The Black Fives Blog. Check out some of the merchandise he has for sale; there's a discount during the holiday season! He's also started a spin-off site dedicated to Obama's love of basketball at Baller-in-Chief.com . I think the cleverness of this idea is off the charts. Once there's a big story on Obama playing basketball, or Obama is seen shooting hoops at the White House, Google searches will lead people to the page.

By the way, one of the big secrets of blogging is writing an article about a hot topic before it becomes hot. This site's hits are often fueled by an old article I wrote about Amy K Nelson of ESPN.com. No one else has written much about her, so each time she appears on ESPN, my site views spike. So think about it; what topic is still out there, unclaimed, that you could take and own?

Oh, before I forget, Delinda also has an interesting blog where she follows the charity efforts of athletes. If you like hot male athletes and sizzling acts of generosity, ha, make this a stop on your Internet superhighway travels.

I'm still working on a big Phoenix Suns piece, but I can't quite find the time to do it justice. Hopefully I can run it on Friday, or run another story I'm working on. By the way, if you haven't commented in a while, drop me a line if you're still reading. I always like to stay in touch with my readers and make sure my writing is entertaining or educating someone out there.


  1. We'll work on that 'gate for you! Thanks, MCB.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And I appreciate your support, visits, and thoughtful comments!