Monday, January 19, 2009

Love is a Game: "Wanna Kiss My Boo-Boo?"

So over Christmas break, I played as much basketball as I could. I got poked in the eye my second game out, and got some nice marks to prove it. It didn't hurt bad, but it looked kind of cool, except when my friend asked me if I was wearing mascara (ouch!).

I was talking to a girl on AIM (yes, I'm about 15 years old, ha, I still use AIM), and suddenly realized that I might be able to milk the injury. So I took a quick snapshot and sent it along, trying to play the "wounded warrior." It failed miserably, mostly because I look like I'm posing for my domestic violence lawsuit:

Your Honor, my client was merely asking his wife for another sausage from the pan when she maliciously and fervently ground the tongs in his eye! Just look at the photo of the damage!

So what about you all--have you ever tried to milk an athletic injury to get some attention from a crush, and did it work? Were you the type to get lots of autographs on your cast, or were you the poor soul who had to write on his own cast to make it look better?

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