Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Blogs You Should Read

Well, after my Conspiracy Theorist Monday moment, I thought I'd simmer down and take a look at some new blogs.

Because I'm a relentless narcissist and want to meet women, I started a Twitter account. Err, wait, maybe that New Year's resolution about being more honest was a bad idea. Anyway, I'm at http://www.twitter.com/mcbias . Help my feeble dreams of world domination via my Messianic complex by becoming my follower (apparently Twitter thought "disciple" and "minion" had a bad connotation. How very Web 1.0 of them!).

http://www.onthemarqueeblog.com/ is a blog specializing in old movies and the people who made them happen. Many of you may remember Kristine, who has blogged at several places including the Fanhouse. Read her entertaining post about how Marilyn Monroe was the original sex symbol here.

is a new sports blog written by Jen, who's new to sports blogging as well. I'd really appreciate it if you'd go over there and leave a comment or two--those of you who have started sports blogs know how tough it is to get those first few readers and comments.

Finally, who could forget the Cavalier, now at madpropstobakedpotatoes.com? I deliberately avoided mentioning the site as long as I could, lest he steal all my blog groupies. After realizing that I have no blog groupies, I have decided to promote him after all. His new book is available at http://superairplane.com/, and I am eagerly awaiting my copy so that I can doodle little, non-super airplanes on all the pages.

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  1. thanks! we're adding them to our blog list now!