Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mike Miller, NBA Superfriend

Yes, this guy:

Just the other day I was rereading the Free Darko book's excellent section on the 2000 Draft. I'm enough of a draft nerd that this may be my favorite section of the book (sad, I know). Anyway, it said that Mike Miller's friendship with Tracy McGrady was so close that the Magic were concerned about trading away Miller for needed talent because of the effect it would have on Tracy!

Today, I was reading about the Udonis Haslem signing. The article had this fascinating quote from Udonis, who called Miller

My boy from day one. That’s my college roommate. He’s like Dwyane is to me, just a different color.”

Then finally, I looked up Lebron's reaction to the Mike Miller acquisition:

Happy to have sharpshooter and good friend Mike Miller join us. Looking forward to this. Congrats Mike"

I understand that Mike Miller apparently is a pleasant fellow. (To be kinder to him after that first photo, here's a photo of him and his wife after giving $200,000 to a hospital).

But how in the world does a guy who was born in a South Dakota town of 13,000, who had no NBA stars as his relatives (unless you count the scoring records his uncle held at the mighty Dakota Wesleyan, of all places), who loves hunting and fishing, of all things, become such good friends with so many NBA stars? I'm beyond intrigued at this. Someone set up a 6 Degrees of Mike Miller game, or launch a special I-Team investigation. What's his secret? This guy seems to be the definition of who wouldn't fit in an NBA locker room, a small-town boy from nowhere, and he's adored by some of the greatest players. I'm honestly impressed. How does he do it? Guesses are welcome below.


  1. Weed and his wife has huge boobs. Both attract the african american athlete.

  2. luv is a many ahhh well luv comes in many forms and iam not soo much into her boobies and hes been my boi sense day uno also!!!

  3. Everything BUT an african american female attracts the african american athlete!!

  4. I have proof he cheated on his wife call 513-307-9645

  5. Here's an idea in a world full of little Wayne and breast augmentation- Maybe he's just HIMSELF to whoever he meets. Google that, youngsta's....

  6. Big smile, midwest friendliness, baller status and paycheck, so he's chill. smoke weed. play ball. U dig?

  7. I don't get the "african american" part... He's from corn country. I'm pretty sure he's white. I remember watchin ya on the tube Skinny, playin for the Kernels... beating my Warriors. Way to go Mike. We're all rootin' for ya back in KELO-Land.