Thursday, December 27, 2007

MCBiasInterviews: The 2 Michelles

For a while now, I've admired the work of The 2 Michelles , two ladies named Michelle and Michelle who are enthusiastic fans of the Miami Dolphins. They had the idea to attend EVERY Dolphins' road game this year, and posted videos from each game on the Miami Dolphins web-site! Sadly, they picked a year where the Dolphins team has struggled to win games. But the ladies still cheer vigorously for their team, and it's fun to watch.

Anyway, I thought it was great that some bloggers were actually (1) producing quality sports videos and (2) getting those videos posted to an NFL team's site--impressive! I asked these superfans for an interview, and got 30 minutes of video-tastic goodness for my interview questions. I decided to just post a shortened 7 minute version for now, and post the full version at a later date. See below for the video and a guide for what's on the video!

Video Guide
0-1:56 How the 2 Michelles got the idea to go to all the Miami Dolphins’ road games.
1:56-3:32 How do the 2 Michelles stay excited about the Dolphins even while the team is 1-14? Plus their favorite traditions and cheers.
3:33-4:32 Which NFL team’s fans treat visitors the worst? Sadly, my suspicions were confirmed on this one.
4:33-6:38 Do other fans hit on the 2 Michelles? This answer surprised me; let me know what you think in the comment section.
6:39-7:17 Ending

Thanks 2 Michelles!


  1. Sadly, they picked a year where the Dolphins team has struggled to win games.

    Should not be plural.

  2. I don't think the second half of their answer surprised me (post-inebriation), but I was a bit surprised they aren't hit on more earlier in the day, especially by other Dolphins fans (as I understood their reply).

    Most guys claim they want a girl who enjoys sports and will enjoy watching it with them, but the women I know who are big fans are mostly perpetually single.

    Many of them are quite attractive, so it is a bit of a mystery. Are guys really intimidated? Mrs.JB* could care less, except about horse showing (particularly the steeple), so I am not in a position to say.

  3. JB*, I edited a little bit out of the answer; basically, they said away fans hit on them, but the fans at the local sports bar didn't hit on them. I thought it would be the opposite, myself. It's interesting that you seem to have noticed the same phenomena; female sports fans being single. I wonder why that is? The mystery continues, ha.