Friday, August 10, 2007

Bloggers Going (Semi-Sort of-Kind of) Big-Time

Just to mention a few bloggers moving up in the world:
Will Leitch is occasionally a contributor on Red Eye, the 2AM show on Fox News. I found this out by being up too late one night and being confronted by his smiling face while channel-flipping. Kind of frightening, actually. For the record, he was not wearing a black t-shirt, and did a decent job. The show itself was amusing but rather sensationalistic (wait a minute...that's just like Deadspin! what a coincidence! heh).

A new You-Tube sports show is up, titled Bleacher Bloggers. I am excited about this, because I still think there is a gaping market need for good sports video online. It included another talented video-blogger, Yankees Chick. Listen to her talk about what it's like to be a female blogger at the 3.5 minute mark. I was saddened by her answer. I have this idea that it must be great to be outnumbered 9 to 1 by the opposite gender in your hobby, ha, but I underestimate the cruelty of people. The issue of female sports bloggers being disrespected will be a future post on this blog, now that I'm more aware of it. I'm curious as to how bad things are. I'm also mulling a strategy for fixing some of those problems. If you are by some chance a female sports blogger, comment or talk to me, I may need your help with said solution.

In addition, the 2 Michelles are going on the road this year to EVERY NFL game of the Dolphins. (And don't you know, I will not be in town the week the Dolphins play my team. Commence mutterings of regret under my breath). What's cool is that they will get their video on the Dolphins web-site; go to their site to see the good news.

Finally, I thought Matt Ufford's post on the Seattle Seahawks on was one of the best-written and sincere blog posts I've ever read. Of course, that meant it was treated rather harshly by the commenters. I haven't minded criticizing Ufford or other writers before when necessary. But when he does a great job, I'm going to say so, and he did.


  1. More importantly though....The Yankees Chick was presented on Cobra Brigade this week. TV....schmeeV. I'm old school, yo.

  2. What... Will Leitch was on Fox News? Or Fox Sports? Because Fox News seems an odd place for a sports blogger with a heavily liberal following (MC Bias exempted, of course) that also has written for the NY Times....

  3. It is a little weird, I agree. It's not really a political show, though; more of the sensationalistic talk show with multiple talking heads, if that makes sense. Here, check the link