Monday, August 27, 2007

Guest Bias: The Big Lead

Just in case you didn't know, I won The Big Lead's guest post competition for the week. I posted about the The Greatest Game Ever (That Nobody Saw). Admittedly, the post was a little sloppy in focus, because I was trying to max reader response. But the comments are great. I especially recommend Jay the Most Hated's recollection of foreshadowing a baseball calamity and Lowbar watching the Super Bowl on a ship before the signal faded...with less than a minute left in the Rams-Titans Super Bowl!

Also, you need to read The Starting Five's take on Big Box Sports Media Outlets. I am both fascinated and perturbed at how often management can spin a story to make the player look bad in the press. D-Wil shows how it has been done before.

For example, the way Brady Quinn was vilified as an ungrateful kid for not signing with Cleveland after they "saved" him by drafting him, for example, was ridiculous. By their own admission, the Browns were trying to trade for him as soon as the 13th spot. So why did so many think the Browns could lowball him when the Browns would have drafted him as high as 13th if they could have? Management bias, of course, as the GM and coach did their best to spin the story in Cleveland to make Brady look bad.

Finally, thanks to The Extrapolater, True Hoop, and others who linked to my blogger ethics post. Thanks also to all who commented, especially brave souls Jack Cobra, Jordi, and SML who answered every question. Without participation, this site is dead. I'd estimate 80% of the enjoyment I derive from this site is from feedback from the reader, so thanks.


  1. Dude, let me know what you were thinking about that video project.

  2. Just keep putting up video of women jugglers and you'll continue to have my comments....

  3. What's the interst in juggling here? Is that a euphamism for something else or is it just...juggling? And why is that awesome? Clowns juggle.

    OK, so I admittedly didn't read the Big Five's article, but here's a thought on the Brady Quinn example you gave anyway - he was drafted 22nd. Who cares if the Browns wanted him 13th, he was drafted almost ten spots after that, so he should get the money of a 22nd pick. You look at the money that everyone around him got, and it's not even close. Now I don't begrudge him going for it (and getting paid), but I understand why he came across as out of line and greedy. Negative press is part of the job - it's good he's learning it early.

  4. Ha, seriously folks, I have no ulterior motive for my sudden interest in juggling other than the $500 check passed to me by the World Juggling Federation...err, I mean, like I said, no ulterior motive whatsoever.

    But Redhead, he's going to be a Browns' QB. With the usual state of the Browns' offense, the chances he's going to live to see a second contract are very slim. This is more like a life insurance policy for his heirs, ha.