Monday, August 13, 2007

AV Monday: Maria Sharapova

I've given Elie Seckbach a hard time in the past, but he recently interviewed Maria Sharapova, and I thought it was worth linking to.

A few hurried thoughts. I intentionally have paid no attention to women's tennis in a while. I didn't like how the players' sexiness trumped ability in the way the sport was portrayed, and most of the players also seemed obnoxious. Amusingly, Maria is the opposite for me; not physically attractive in this video, but also someone who seems friendly and a nice person. Anyway, apologies for the boring analysis, but I had an attack of blogger guilt for posting up a video sans commentary.

EDIT And now, I have to go track down some fan pictures too as usual. Why do I feel so guilty for not making a perfect post for my limited readership when I have a very important work meeting in an hour? Please don't answer that. Not much of a selection, to be honest, except for the Lebron James and Maria Sharapova candids. Otherwise, doesn't look like she gets out and mingles with the average fan too much.

Maria Sharapova i Jessie

Maria Sharapova and LeBron James


Soooo hot

Me and Maria

Matty with Maria... The kids never been happier

Amanda and Maria Sharapova

nancy with maria sharapova 12-12-6 at land rover

Suzy (8th and Ocean) and Maria Sharapova


  1. Cool interview. My one beef: I'm pretty sure the editor included a b-roll of Daniela Hantuchova in there (the one of "Maria" on the practice court).

    -Erwin, Tennis Served Fresh

  2. That LeBron guy sure could use a tailor...