Friday, May 25, 2007

Drew Gooden Loves Lady Jews and Borat

Elie Seckbach can have dumb questions sometimes, but these Cavs remind me that most NBA players did not have an anguished decision between going to med school or playing basketball.
This is one day where my Cavs fandom is more of a scarlet letter C rather than a red badge of courage. (Ducks rotten vegetables from English majors for the misuse of the classics).

Yes, I'm still most shocked that Senor Ducktail has lady friends. What, you think I'm shocked that Damon Jones is a publicity hound and self-obsessed? Not so much.

Oh, and because I am an adolescent at heart: BLOG FIGHT! (language warning). Do we get to choose sides? I want all sides to be assured that for the right price, err, righteous principles, I am available.


  1. I'm not sure how this "exposes the lack of intelligence among most athletes". But I never find Elie's questions intelligent to being with. I dislike him, though I like his work because, despite his dopiness (or perhaps because of it), you get to see players being real, not the Robotic Media Interacters that their team's PR staff want them to be.

    As for the blog fight, clue me in... what are the sides? Because I dislike a lot...

  2. Oops, I do sound too nice to Elie. Let me fix that, heh.

    As to the actual blog fight, Will and Matt (site owners of and are on good terms as far as I know. But it certainly seemed as if Matt has beef with some Deadspin'ites, if not Deadspin itself.

  3. WithLeather's audience is essential Deadspinners anyway. But yeah, I'm kinda over the Deadspinners in the comments anyway. It's irrelevant and silly stuff... compare it to the conversations over at FreeDarko. I think that FreeDarko can be described as the highbrow level of commenters, Deadspin is the middlebrow, and the AOL Fanhouse is lowbrow.