Thursday, May 31, 2007

Guest Blogs Plus Alison the Pole-Vaulter Update

I have guest posts on how I would run the WNBA and National Spelling Bee up on

This Alison the Pole-Vaulter mess is getting weirder by the day, so thus I drag myself back into the muck (splash!). The Wednesday post withleather put up was ridiculous. They're posting more pictures as some sort of warped revenge because Alison spoke out? So if we were under Sharia law, you're basically telling me we'd have stoned Alison, then, for complaining publicly? Crazy! I know withleather's Matt gets paid to be an edgy "insert expletive here", and he's doing his job. But I certainly feel no responsibility to defend any sports blogger "just because." I wouldn't throw family under the bus, but as for another guy with a keyboard who's making his fellow sports bloggers look sleazy? "Bump bump!" my friend, as the wheels of the bus go round and round.
However, withleather does have an interesting point in their most recent excuse to post more pictures, err, defend themselves. Alison's dad is a defense lawyer who has defended some real weirdos over the years and has appeared on Fox News as a commentator. So Alison's family is not quite Middle-Class Midwesternia either. There's a chance, admittedly, that her dad could have enough influence and contacts to get the WaPo to do an article or get them on Fox News, or is doing this to advertise the law practice. I was not aware of this in my initial post on the situation, and thought it fair to inform you of that.
We're rapidly running out of heroes here, folks, but before you judge Alison's dad too quickly with fat-cat lawyer stereotypes, here's a picture of the family. (Thanks to this high school track site). Yes, I decided Alison looked better in black, ha. Anyway, if her parents are uptight rich folks starving for attention, they're certainly hiding it pretty well in that picture...

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