Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloggolalia: Game Respects Game

I wanted to thank some sites that have linked to me in the last few months. I’m terrible at linking, partly because I didn’t know how for the first month or so of having the blog (go back and laugh at my typed-out links), and partly because I usually have so little time to blog that I don't feel I can afford links. But I don’t wish to appear unthankful; I appreciate you all. Here’s my list of major league gamers who have linked to me in the past: dear reader, please visit them too when you can.

Babes Love Baseball : I don’t cover baseball, but Sooze was a huge, huge inspiration in starting this blog with her witty comments on my old blog. A tip of the hat as well for her now-retired collaborator, The Critic, who helped me get started. Lizzy’s sweet too.

The Starting Five : They let me come off the bench for perhaps my best serious post ever (I got 50+ comments, which of course I really appreciated), and probably have the most intelligent comment section in sportsblog land (due respect to Free Darko as well on that point). Also, thanks to Mind Pinball, whose thoughtful comments on a related issue helped inspire the post in the first place. He's relatively unknown but another skilled blogger.

The Big Lead : I criticized them pretty hard once, and yet they still linked to me three different times. Those guys are not afraid of controversy, and are a must-read whether you agree with them or not. Due respect to The Comission and Leave The Man Alone, who were the guest bloggers letting me in twice.

Cobra Brigade : Some think the Cobra rambles in his posts, but I think he slithers and strikes. Check out his Chicago-centric lair, now complete with blog allies!

The Extrapolater : Thoughtful and a progenitor too! Eric’s blog chronicles rising stars before they shoot across your horizon. Check it out.

A Price Above Bip Roberts : Ted guest-blogged about Roy Hibbert around NCAA Finals time, and it was great. He has the right idea in guest-blogging for other sites to get the word out about his considerable talent; keep your eye on this blogger.

Pacifist Viking : Fear the rabbit! Those may be bunny ears, not horns, but the Pacifist Viking’s rhetoric should be respected by any blogger older than five-and-twenty. His historical takes on the NBA is particularly enjoyable. Put Artis Gilmore in the Hall!

The Serious Tip : Jordi is shattering stereotypes left and right by having more female than male comments on his Myspace. Jordi, we’re supposed to be social recluses! Stop raising expectations, or my parents will raise the rent again! He and I also had some great e-mail conversations about a blogger’s vocation that you’ll be seeing somewhere sometime soon.

If I Ran... : These managerial wanna-bes were fooled into accepting two articles from my absolute power-loving self. Of course, that may be (IS!) because I am their only reader who wants to run the WNBA and the National Spelling Bee, but I'll still take it. Thanks to Sam and Eric!

Yaysports: I know I’m in the minority, but I like Brian’s words even more than his pictures nowadays. The man is a hilarious, schizophrenic mix of hater love (just ask Lebron), and the later the post time, the crazier the analysis. If he (and his attractive sis…err, just kidding, taller and stronger than me Brian!) are not part of your upscale lifestyle, you’ve got several stories to go to get to the penthouse, my friend.

Deadspin : An argument with a fellow commenter in the comment section is my sole link, but that link was vital in starting to amass a core of consistent readers. Taught me a valuable lesson that very little Internet controversy is truly bad controversy, as long as you truly believe in what you’re arguing about and will say sorry when you’re wrong.

And finally, bring in the NOIS, bring in the FUNK! Err, so I'm a decade behind on my Broadway shows. Those bow-tie wearing bloggers will never link to my white, Judeo-Christian self, but my respect for their haterade game transcends any fatwas on me. (kidding) Look, sometimes they overdo it (intentionally mostly, but not always) in trying to fix perceived racism in sports coverage, but their A-game would get them into any Ivy League school, err, Historically Black College, of their choosing. Seriously, go read their Duke lacrosse post NOW NOW NOW.


  1. I feel tears of joy ocming on... my big boy is all grown up!!!

    Seriously, though. Keep being hilarious and the blogosphere is yours.

  2. MCBias,

    Thanks for the respect. Really got a kick out of the linkage under "Sports Blogs"! Just the mere fact that I got some pub for my little corner of the blogosphere... and in the same paragraph with The Starting Five! Wow, I don't know if it's gets better than that.

    Much thanks, and I'll be sure to include you on my inspirational roll call.

  3. You know we're glad you came off the bench, had LeBron's Game 5 line in eight minutes of play and used the burn, al la Kobe, to demand and engineer a sign-and-trade with ESPN!... come back through and drop another jewel, aiight?!

  4. How strange that you & I both had ties to The Critic and never met until long after he left blogland. I definitely would have enjoyed knowing you and reading your blog much earlier!

  5. I can't help it if porn stars are a lot nicer myspace commentors than fellow bloggers.

    By the way, gracias for the shout-out.