Friday, May 25, 2007

Cavaliers-Pistons Scouting Report After Game 2

There were a lot of similarities with the analysis from Game 1.
Is Eric Snow still going to be a liability in this series? Yes.
Are Chauncy and Tayshaun still looking scared and not playing that well? Yes. Don't be fooled by Chauncy's decent shooting percentage; he's still 4 points below his season average and has more turnovers than assists in this series.
Do the Cavs still desperately need a decent game from Donyell Marshall? Yes.
Are the Pistons big men (except for Rasheed) still mostly too old and slow, which is why Maxiell got so many Game 2 minutes? Yes.
Is Drew Gooden still wearing his Property of Rasheed Wallace T-shirt? Probably.

So I have nothing else to say right now, until the series further develops.

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