Friday, May 25, 2007

Rasheed Wallace's Brush with Goathood

I watched the ending of Game 2 several times now, and am amazed at how close Rasheed Wallace came to being the goat of both Games 1 and 2.
First, in Game 1, he left Donyell for the sake of a useless double team, the very mistake that cost the Pistons Game 5 (and, really, the entire series) of the Finals in 2005.
Second, in Game 2, he somehow failed to hang on to that rebound and thus gave Larry Hughes a high-percentage opportunity to win the game.
However, I don't believe he fouled Anderson Varajeo; he clearly had the position on Anderson, and Anderson was flailingly trying to get it back. If Anderson had the position and Rasheed was trying to elbow in, it would be a different story.

In the end, Rasheed was the hero of both games. That's why I don't like getting too caught up on final results; it's such a coin-flip when you get into the final minute of a closely-contested game. Of course, this gives me yet another excuse to trot out my Rasheed Wallace video. I need to make another one of these sometime. Any ideas as to which NBA player you'd like to see, and which song you want to accompany their pictures?

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