Monday, May 7, 2007

Nobody (except MCBias today) Loves a Loser

I always find it interesting how many great NBA play-off performances get overlooked because there are so many play-off games going on. The memories get replaced in our heads by the next great highlight. But here's a little credit to some star performances in losing efforts:

TJ Ford and Jose Calderon were both doubtful for Game 6 after Game 5 injuries. They combined to shoot 13-22 from the field for 33 points against Jason Kidd, who's still making it on the All-Pro Defensive Team for the NBA. Despite my Canada jokes, I do believe that the Raptors have a bright future.

Antawn Jamison averaged 32.2 ppg, including a 35% clip from 3-point land, against the Cavs in round one. He did everything he could to give the Wizards a chance, short of blocking shots with those massive eyebrows. The Wizards do have a goof-off reputation sometimes, but there was nothing goofy about the way they fought in Round 1. Pure heart.

Kobe Bryant averaged "only" 32.5 ppg against the Suns, and Carmelo Anthony averaged "only" 28.2 ppg against the Spurs. Stars playing like stars, but only winning 2 games between them. Too bad.

Nene upped his ppg by about 3 points, which isn't much...except it was against the Spurs. He may yet be worth that massive contract.

By the way, I'm not sure if the play-off stats are completely updated for the first round, but that's what I found as of today.

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  1. As a fan of the Wizards, it's nice to know someone paid attention to what Jamison did in that series. He did all he could to carry that team on his shoulders without Arenas and Butler.