Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Minutae: JJ Hardy on Depression, Shay Doron, Bambiball, and StoryWar.com

New Minutae:
This ESPN Video about a depressed athlete who found his way back from injury to become a major league baseball regular. It's powerful to me, because like many of you I know someone who went through depression. JJ Hardy and Amy K Nelson, good job to you both.

Filip Bondy wrote a book on the 1984 Draft (cover above). I read some of it at Borders (speed-reading is the best) and it looks like a winner. He made a pretty convincing argument that the league was still in trouble in 1984, and that Magic and Bird really didn't fix things as much as I had thought they did. Check it out.

Speaking of NBA history, look at the Pacifist Viking, who is doing a lot of posts on the topic. Loved the look back at the underrated Artis Gilmore.

Jack Cobra and his evil henchmen have formed the Cobra Brigade, where they keep waving the red flag for the suddenly resurgent Chicago Bulls to continue stampeding over Detroit.

Those incorrigible Ladies... take a break from fantasy land to go and talk to a real live athlete...and wonder of wonders, his response is not in the form of a restraining order! Read the sweet story of Texas Girl and her Red Sox reliever here. Awww!

Followup Minutae:
Shay Doron, object of my Random Sports Crush , has a new website at shaydoron.net. From the site, it's amusingly obvious (SHAY'S JEWISH) that the WNBA NY Liberty (SHAY LIVED IN ISRAEL) will spare no expense (SHAY LIKES PASSOVER) in marketing Shay Doron to the Jewlicious population (JUST LIKE SHAY!) of New York City, ha. Sadly, the site contains no plans in marketing Shay Doron to non-Jewish males who have a thing for women who can shoot J's (jump shots) all day long. Discrimination rears its ugly head again!

Bambiball, the lady who does soccer free-style (covered here), has a new video out that I like much better than the ones I posted. I love how the lighting makes it look like she's been out there practicing all day long. Slight music warning, though.

Finally, I'm a fan of storywar.com, a place where short stories get posted and rated. Sometimes the market for creative acts can be too much "Oh, you're such a great writer." But this site lets you put your work to the test, head-to-head against other people's stuff. As you might expect (cough), I put something up already. We can do stories about sports, too; just a thought.


  1. I just got that book last weekend...can't wait to read it...

  2. As a Terp fan, I just wanted to comment on your Shay Doron crush. She's a damn good player and was a key component on a national championship team. She will be an asset to the NY Liberty.

  3. Shorty: feel free to come back when you finish, you can guest blog about it on here.

    tws392000: I only crush on the best basketball players, ha.

  4. There's actually a really funny story about this time me & my boys were at spring weekend at Uconn and ran into Diana Turasi. long story short...I met Sue Bird for .02 seconds and it didn't work out all that gr8...oh well...

  5. As far as I know, Shay's site is her thing, not the Liberty's thing. So far she's not even in the marketing materials.

    As long as the nitwit we have coaching remembers that Shay exists and ought to play a bit, we'll be fine. The record will suck this season, but the kids are all right.

  6. (melodramatic) Rebecca, you're breaking my heart here. :-p Please, let me continue to believe that Shay has a special place in her heart for sports bloggers, and that she just has not announced it due to the Liberty running the site. Don't shatter my dreams like that. (/melodramatic)