Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Hard-a-way

The Tim Hardaway story reminds me of the old DC Talk song that opens "Some people gotta learn the hard way/I guess I'm the type of guy who has to find out for myself" I swore to myself I wasn't going to write about this, and here I am anyway. I had an AWESOME video post planned for today...and I had to work late last night, so no video. Maybe later today.

Anyway, what bothers me is that there will be plenty of sanctimonious finger-wagging today in the back rows, cafeterias, and blogs of America. Oh, why do we love to talk about how much "better" we are than so-and-so? The fact is, when you have hate in your heart, it comes out eventually. Tim was fine at first, and then under Dan what's-his-face's goading, he fell apart like a Houston Rockets superstar, ha. But come on, who doesn't have some hate?

I have found myself struggling lately with disliking the people of a certain nationality myself. You'd laugh, perhaps, if I told you which one; yep, I'm an original hater. No run-of-the-mill hating here, ha. Anyway, they really haven't been bad to me; one or two of their people just happen to be in the way of my latest plans for world domination. I think this episode serves as a nice wake-up call to me. Either get rid of the hate, or let it fester and find myself suddenly calling people names and ending up embarrassed. Or, I could always start a hate group and gain a devoted but totally crazy fan base. heads of hate groups get the most attractive women in the group too, or is that just cult leaders? Err, I meant, yes, in honor of poor Timmy, I'm getting my act together.

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  1. That shit cramps my style, too.

    P.S. You've been blogrolled.