Thursday, February 22, 2007

Man of the People: Steve Nash

I wanted to also start a feature of superstars taking pictures with their fans. I did a little looking around the 'Net for photos of Steve Nash with regular people or out and about, and found quite a few good ones. My apologies to those of you with dial-up; anyone know how to use the "jump" feature on blogger?

Just a note; I hate it when people immmediately assume too much about a picture. No, Athlete X has not personally dated every single person who he takes a picture with. Also, I'm not posting the pictures of athletes in various states of undress or with their families; go find those yourselves. Most everything else is fair game. That disclaimer said, on we go!

We start it off old-school with a regular picture:

Nash channeling 50's movie stars or a prison mugshot, not sure which.

Steve with some Italians. Female readers, please, breathe deeply. Don't get too excited.

Dirk and Steve singing again.

Our salacious picture of the evening.

Nash with a random fan. Bony-faced city.

Nash with four fans

Nash reading to a little fan; the caption was "Nash can't read" which cracked me up.

Youthful fan showing her Nash appreciation, thought this was cute.

Steve and Dirk in the pool.

Another random fan pic

Steve Nash is not afraid of the color pink.

Or of having his picture taken with attractive women.


jeff and steve nash
Affection for Steve Nash images is not limited to short blondes.

Me and Steve Nash
See, some of them are rather tall, too.

For the record, Steve WILL eat your children.

Some fan PDA this time around.

Nash! Portugal, by the caption

Another female fan

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