Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Much Respect: KC Johnson

No, not KJ...not Magic...KC Johnson, a professor in NYC. The man has analyzed the Duke rape case intensely, and is one of the main reasons it has fallen apart. He fearlessly took on the Group of 88, NAACP, you name it, all the organizations that were on the wrong side of the issue. And he did it even though his own politics place him on the left side of the political spectrum; this was no right-winger grinding an axe. Read an interview here http://www.chicagosportsreview.com/content/img/f190716/kcjohnson_feb20_07.pdf
and his analysis here http://durhamwonderland.blogspot.com/ . Dr. Johnson, us sports bloggers can only dream about having such a healthy impact on critical real-world matters. Those young men may have been in jail today if not for you. Thanks.

*As an amusing sidenote, Dr. Johnson is from NYC: so mark down a POSITIVE contribution for the NYC Factor. I'll be pointing to this post as evidence of my supposed objectivitiy after you all complain about my 20th negative post about the NYC factor, heh.

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