Friday, June 15, 2007

Casual Z, Baby

This picture of Zydrunas Ilguskas makes me smile (click for larger view)

To avoid an unfair hint of scandal (the caption for the photo said that the girl asked Z to take the picture with her), I blocked out the girl.

Now that the series is over, let's revisit my Finals Predictions:
1. Ginobili stinks in crunch time... Well, there was that awful Game 3. But if he doesn't make those free throws in Game 4, Damon Jones 3 ties or wins the game, perhaps. WRONG
2. Familiarity may cause scoring to be very low in this series... RIGHT
3. The Spurs are older than you think...IRRELEVANT I do think Duncan wore down some as the series wore on, but it didn't matter.
4. Lebron will wear Bowen down as the series goes on...WRONG
5. The Cavs's offense will have success luring Tim Duncan out of rebounding position with Z and/or Donyell...WRONG
6. Tony Parker will be able to penetrate at will, but Manu will not. RIGHT Manu didn't have a bad series, but Tony certainly had a great one.
7. Key players for the Spurs: Oberto. WRONG
8. Key players for the Cavs: Z. RIGHT Once Z started playing better at home, this became a series.
9. Prediction: Spurs in 6 (Winning Games 1,3,4, and 6)...ALMOST RIGHT There's that nagging Game 2, ha.

Oh, and hail to the champs: while not a Spurs fan, I do appreciate their skills, as I did here and here. But I maybe, just maybe, am bitter enough to post a picture of Tony Parker where he reminds me of Mr. Bean, ha:

Linda, Tony  Parker and Sabrina

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  1. Holy shit! He's like the Tom Jones of basketball!