Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Silly Bias: Female Blogging Duos

Gentlemen, the day we hoped for is finally here; attractive ladies have descended on sports blogland, two by two, as on Noah's ark when the, bad analogy. Not that sports blogland was devoid of feminine beauty (braces for hate mail from other bloggers), of course. We all know that the end of the world must be nigh when this occurs. Excuse me while I barricade myself in my apartment to prevent their romantic onslaughts; I sorrow when the petite brunnettes get trampled. I must prepare myself for the last days of my stay on earth, and...Wait, that's not going to happen until 2515? My canned food will only last until 2009! That said, while I await the hordes from a feminine Armageddon, here's a few videos to tide you over.

Competition on the blogging front! Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi are going to crash the blogging party...and then leave when they find out that they're the only girls there. Just kidding, fellow lady bloggers! Hmm, I wonder if Sue and Diana would consent to a guest post from everyone's favorite MC? Somehow, I think not.

Speaking of female blogging duos, there's a real shocker in this one around the 20-second mark, and it's not what the screen capture shows, either.

To evade the Viacom Nazis who object to blatant thievery of their content (the nerve!), hit up this link:
You don't even know how excited this made me (or you know, and realize I should get a life, heh.) Sadly, my exhaustive 3-day Google marathon found no actual blogs for Jessica Biel or Sarah Silverman. Count me among the 2% who'd rather see their blog than watch them fake-kiss. (Of course, that's because I plan to get a kiss for myself due to insightful, thoughtful blog comments that the rest of you would never think of. Stuff like "Jessica, with those biceps, do you prefer the cream or the clear in your steroid use?" See, that's what really gets the ladies; personal questions that show you really are paying attention! Um, wait...maybe not.)


  1. THAT is going straight to my blogroll. AWESOME!

    Wait, I'm not the only one this pumped am I?

  2. Those bastards killed the link.

  3. Good God, Do i ever love Jessica Biel...

  4. And hate mail from me. Don't forget me.