Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quick Finals Prediction

It's still the second quarter of Game 1, so I suppose I'll squeeze out my predictions quickly here:
1. Ginobili stinks in crunch time. I base this on watching him single-handedly throw away a game a few years ago and last year's foul on Dirk. Quietly file away this fact when he throws away a game in the Finals.
2. Coach Mike still uses San Antonio play names for some of his team's plays. Familiarity may cause scoring to be very low in this series; neither team cracked 90 in the two games this year, I believe.
3. The Spurs are older than you think. After Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili (and Oberto, I think), they rely on a veteran crew of 30+ types.
4. Lebron will wear Bowen down as the series goes on. Bowen has neither a height advantage or a strength advantage, and Lebron will attempt to be physical with him before Bruce can take out a knee or something.
5. The Cavs's offense will have success luring Tim Duncan out of rebounding position with Z and/or Donyell, and the Cavs are good rebounders. For once, the Cavs' lack of a low-post scoring option is not as damaging as it was in the Pistons' series.
6. Tony Parker will be able to penetrate at will, but Manu will not.
7. Key players for the Spurs: Oberto. Duncan needs help against the Cavaliers' versatile group of big men.
8. Key players for the Cavs: Z. I say the big men determine this series.
9. Prediction: Spurs in 6 (Winning Games 1,3,4, and 6), but this may be their last deep play-off run. I've been wrong in most of my predictions, and yes, I'm hoping to be wrong again.

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