Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Artist of the Week: Emma Russack

There are a lot of talented singers and instrumentalists (if that's the right word) on Youtube. This month I will try to feature them as much as possible. First up is the Australian, Emma Russack. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here. I like that she plays the guitar and sings at the same time, and she has a smoky? Bluesy? whatever you want to call it voice.

Here she is singing "Swimming", a song she wrote herself; the song has nearly 1,000,000 views.

Here she sings "Party at the Lonestar", a song she wrote herself.

In this video, she wears blue while covering Neil Young's "My, my, hey, hey (Out of the Blue"

Finally, here's a live performance that is poorly filmed, but it fits with the song, which is titled "Sweet Smog Children"

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  1. I'll try to take note of this so I can check back later. I'm always listenin' to music @ work... aaand I love this song I'm listening to. Meaning I can't turn it off. Ha.