Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bloggolalia: Vote for me in Lozo's Tournament!

I need your vote in Lozo's "The Suckiest Sports Blog that Ever Sucked" tournament, going on all day today. I am matched up against a blog that covers minor league baseball. Can you believe it--a blog with a focus? A blog that is NOT a sloppily put-together casserole of NBA coverage, female athletes, Christian bias, and Youtube videos that are neither funny nor sexy? It's as if I'm intentionally covering all the subjects that do NOT result in a sports blog. (Hmm...am I? Don't think that a few of my topic choices are not deliberate rebellions against mainstream bias...)Don't allow me to continue in this irrational behavior! Vote for me here! I expect to get at least into the round of 16, people!

I dislike being an apologist for Lozo, because I certainly disagree with him on other matters. But people who are criticizing him for holding this tournament or claiming this is a publicity stunt--get a life. Sure, several of Lozo's posts have been publicity stunts in the past (cough lamefakeWillFarrellinterview cough). But this post does performs a service of sorts. Some blogs have gotten fat and lazy, and refuse to be creative anymore. This tournament helps call some of those blogs out for cheating their readers. How can you be against blog accountability to their readers? You can talk all you want about how blogs are not accountable to the media, to athletes, etc., and I'll respect that to some extent. But if you try to convince me that blogs have no responsibility to their readers, I will fight you on that. So go enjoy the tournament, and vote for those lazy blogs!

Ok, that's my last post on the tournament until maybe the Sweet 16, promise. I think. Is it obvious by now that I don't care that much about college basketball, the Masters, or baseball?


  1. What are the signs of a blog getting fat and lazy?

  2. BP, thanks for stopping by! I enabled Open ID so you don't have to log into Blogger first, by the way.

    1. Reliance on old jokes and old styles of writing.
    2. Talk a lot about "how far we've come" without being aggressive about changing their site in the future to remain relevant.
    3. Lazy about talking to commenters or about valuing their readers.
    4. Deliberately cut corners in writing mediocre stories rather than get good stories. So, for example, a picture of a player with a bottle in his hand becomes "Joe Smith was drunk out of his mind", etc.