Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MCBias Site Update

Ok, enough fake drama, because the real news is dramatic enough. I have moved to Sports on My Mind. For the last four months, I've been quietly exploring blog partnerships with many of my favorite sports bloggers. I believe that the time when a solo blogger could make a difference is passing, if it isn't already gone. Although my traffic in the last two months has been higher than ever before, I also realized that the blogger environment was changing. Smaller bloggers were being snapped up by the big sites, or quitting the game altogether. What blog sites need are several writers, united around a common theme and keeping a site updated with content. And after weeks of searching, I suddenly was offered a great opportunity to partner with some of the most intelligent and unique sports bloggers I know.

I'm excited to be joining D-Wil (formerly of, Modi (formerly of, and StopMikeLupica (formerly of on the new site. We are different in racial heritage, in beliefs, in sports preferences, and in writing style. But we are united by the value we place on finding the hidden stories and getting the big story right, even (or should I say especially?) if it doesn't fit mainstream biases.

I'm trying not to make this announcement sound as if I am insulting other media or bragging; that's just disrespectful. Let me just say that if you want a different perspective on the big sports stories of the day, a perspective that is willing to challenge ordinary thinking and so-called common sense, you will find it on this site. Come with an open mind and read us all at Sports on My Mind. I'll be posting temporary links to my material there for the next few weeks before making my move there permanent. I hope you will join me there!


  1. I regard this an endorsement for subscribing to SOMM, what I did now. Do you encourage cancelling subscription to mcbias as well?

  2. So should we remove the other individual sites from our blogroll, or keep them all?

  3. Good questions. Are you going to keep posting any more of your random stuff over here?

    I look forward to reading your stuff over there. It is difficult being a solo blogger because sometimes you just don't have anything you really want to say and don't want to feel compelled to write.

    Though when you write with others, you also have the feeling that you don't want to let them down by goofing off too much. Personally, I prefer the group blogging model just because I'm social.

    (BTW, thanks for the nice comment from the other day. From you, it was a compliment of the highest order. :) )

  4. haastk: I would recommend keeping your subscription to mcbias, just in case things don't work out there and I return to this site.

    pacifist viking: That's not very pacifist of you, Mr. Viking! haha. PV, you yourself no longer blog solo, and work at Epic Carnival too; that validates my conclusions about individual blogging, does it not? Oh sure, some individual bloggers who put in 2x as much time as everyone else can become famous or important. But in talking to Modi, SML, and D-Wil, it seemed clear that we were hitting blogging ceilings due to not having as much content on our pages.

    Steph: I enjoy the individual blogging model if one can set up a community of readers. But if not--then I'm posting to myself, by myself, and that's not ideal. And I would post a lot more on your posts if not for AOL's comment interface. You do good work.

  5. mcbias,

    I was asking a serious question: I really want to know whether I should keep each your sites (yours, D-Will's, SML's) separately in my blogroll or whether I should consolidate them into one link.

    No passive-aggressive insult intended--I just don't want to remove the individual link if there's going to be different content here than there.

  6. Sorry, PV: the comment was so short that it seemed like a sarcastic dig on your part. Yes, I think it is wise to remove the links to our solo sites for now. We may eventually decide differently, but for now all of us are posting only on the site.