Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bloggolalia: Comment of the Week

So one aspect of the recent success of sportsblogging that gets under-rated is how much it has to do with commenting. The comments of the readers have made a big difference as to how good the sites actually are. Some sites, I read more for the reader response than the post! It's so powerful, that even ESPN wants to get in on commenting on sports web-sites. (Ok, that and commenters re-visit to see if anyone cares, which builds hit-counts and boosts ad-revenue. Shh...enjoy the magic here.) Anyway, in honor I want to feature some of the best comments of the week. Just one for this week, from FreeDarko:

At 11:35 PM, The Electric Zarko said...
It's because Kobe is a Euro. The best Euro of all time! And this unconciously realized dichotomy causes us concious disharmony, realized along the spectrum from Shoal's positing to Ed's flailing.

Fascinating! You know, seeing Kobe as a Euro matches my "Immigrant with Skills" theory beautifully, so, of course, this is a great comment. What? It's not MC-UN-Biased! heh.

But seriously, if you have any comments on any sports sites that you want to nominate, let me know. We'll make this a weekly feature, perhaps. I hope I don't sound too arrogant for saying this, but I have way too many ideas, and not enough time. I would hate to work at blogging full time; I love having a blogging surplus of ideas, instead. So I'll try to scale this back a bit.

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