Friday, March 16, 2007

SuperStar Be: Kobe Bryant Photos

I didn't finish up my Kobe Bryant analysis properly with some fan pics, and I've been overcome by guilt (nausea? apathy?) ever since. So here's the pictures:

Ali, Jus, & me w/ Kobe
Yes, joke all you want, there are plenty of pictures of Kobe with young female fans. He was the MAN with that fan-base pre-Colorado.

A-dazzle & me pimpin it out w/ Ron Harper
Just because I'm amused at the mix of tall NBA players with tweenagers, here's one more; Ron Harper.

Yes, Kobe will take pictures with the birthday girl...

Kobe and the girls!
And all of her friends, too. By the way, the caption was "what a lucky guy!". Um, he's Kobe Bryant! And you are who?! Love the West Coast attitude.

Kobe and Nick
The caption here made me kind of sad. "Kobe Bryant and my lil bro. His face lit up that night, he was so excited to meet Kobe. He doesn't really understand what happened with Kobe because he's lil, so he really really idolizes Kobe." Us older people can joke all we want about scandal, but it really does affect the kids.

Another one from the same set as above.

KOBE annie &me
This reminds me of some sort of farcical movie "Mr Kobe goes to Hollywood" or something. So staged. :-p

Kobe Bryant && the girls
More of the same

Us with Ben
No, I'm not at all envious of little teenage girls with rich fathers who get backstage access to NBA stars like Ben Gordon! And this shade of green I'm turning is just because of, um...I don't want to talk about it.

A little retro Kobe for you.

kobe bryant
And the parade of teenagers continues...

kobe bryant with n o quarterback
Kobe Bryant and Drew Brees. Interesting random meeting.

Me and Kobe Bryant
We needed one Kobe 'fro picture, didn't we?

Oct 2006 - We Ran Into Kobe Bryant @ the Mirage
I was concerned that you would think Kobe only took pictures with white female teenagers, so here's proof that he takes pictures with female teenagers of ALL races. Shows you!

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