Sunday, March 4, 2007

Superstar Be: Kobe Bryant Videos

Not only is Kobe Bryant a superstar, but he's in Los Angeles, a media hub. Because of the video production skills of Lakers fans, he may have the highest quality highlight videos of any basketball athlete. I decided to show off some of them, because I was so impressed by the videos. We'll get into my own views on Kobe soon, promise. But I just wanted to show you what's out there.

Here's the video that introduced me to what was possible with video mixes:

Kobe Bryant and Shaq Story to "Since You've Been Gone"

Oh, that wasn't smarmy and sappy enough for you? "Become" by LK-47.

OK Laker fans, I'll let you empty your tissue box here while the rest of us move on. "Take these Broken Wings", using Tupac's "Until the End of Time":

Next, the movie preview mixes. These are really creative and mix movie previews and voice-overs with Kobe footage.

A Matrix movie preview with Kobe clips.

An Ali movie preview of Kobe Bryant's rape scandal, Ali voice-over clips.

Finally, some of the more aggressively musically scored Kobe videos. You can find many more of these, but here's just a few.

Unfortunately not embeddable, this video makes clever use of POD's Boom:

His fans feed off the Kobe hatred, taking it as just envy of the best. Lots of good mixes of aggressive rapping with aggressive jamming. Here's one of the longer ones.

Apparently using music from The Matrix (Clubbed to Death), here's another long take on the Kobe Bryant biopic. You may want to fast-forward to the middle of the video if you've seen enough Kobe dunk highlights by now.

OK, tomorrow I hopefully have time to tell you why Kobe Bryant Be...An orange, not a peach. Say what? It'll make sense soon enough.

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