Friday, March 23, 2007

Superstar Maybe: OJ Mayo Photos

So I went hunting for OJ Mayo pics with random fans, and yes, there already are some out there.


Wow, where do I start? First, "You're in good hands" with OJ Mayo, ha. Second, OJ's high school team in Ohio was...the Trojans. Exact colors of USC, too. Not so surprising now that he was interested in USC, is it?

---he signed my phone too hahaa great night
Oh, he signed their phone, too. Autograph imitators of the world, here's a head start.


Random dude with OJ

me and OJ Mayo

More OJ goodness; the caption is a tongue-in-cheek "He loves me."

me and OJ MAYO!!!!

Another good reason to hate on the young and successful. They can earn all the millions they want, have all the TV time they want. But when they are getting all the brunnettes, that's the last straw for me.

Yeah say somethin!!...HaHa...Us w. OJ MAYO himself!!!

Go read the caption if you get a chance. The spelling and grammar is a delight :-p

My thanks again to all the teenage females of the world for making this post possible, ha. And if photos alone count for anything (they don't), OJ will be ok at the next level. I like the way he carries himself in these pictures. Greg Oden, take notes on how to conduct yourself around high school girls when the camera's out.

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