Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Artist of the Week: American Sign Language Videos

I wanted to feature some categories of videos I enjoy watching on Youtube. One recent addition is American (or any language, really) Sign Language. I love the liveliness in their face as they talk. The face can now be entirely used for emotion and communication, because the mouth no longer is speaking. And because I am no longer using my ears to hear their voice, I can understand more by watching their face. You may not be able to watch the entire video without being bored, but you will be surprised at how long these people will hold your attention. Check out for even more videos.

American female does ASL version of the Three Little Pigs:

A young man from Samoa, now in the US, introduces himself to the world. There's something strangely haunting about this video, due to the poor lighting. As I watched it, it felt as if I was watching the last man on earth, quietly making a record for historical purposes. He also has a passionate video encouraging young people to vote that you should check out at his account.

Canadian art student talks about criticism in the arts. I strongly urge you to click on the video and read the transcript; she makes intelligent points. Or, watch a much shorter video that shows the beauty of Canada in winter from her view;

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