Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Artist of the Week: Jessie Cantrell

Black 20 News is a Youtube feature that lets you know the interesting Internet and technology news of the week. The hostess, Jessie Cantrell, is funny (she also does comedy in her spare time) and attractive without coming across as vapid or insincere. Ok, the part where she says "I love you" at the end of the show is insincere, but nerd-boys with fragile egos eat that stuff up. ("If I close my eyes, I can pretend it's my mother saying that instead of what she usually said, which was 'Put away those Star Wars toys and go outside!'.").

It's worth your time: here are a few clips from the show. Plus, you can always "borrow" news stories from the videos and post them on your blog! Err, wait, I only thought that, not said that. None of you do that, right? Right?!

1. Jessie interviews the Naked Cowboy of New York City fame regarding his lawsuit of the M&M commercial.

2. Jessie hosts last week's show--note the basketball passing commercial.

3. Jessie shows you a site (watch middle of video) that allows you to view blocked web-sites at work and elsewhere. Of course, Moderately Cerebral Bias is so virtuous that it would never be blocked...what do you mean, it's not blocked because no one cares?! (fake cry).

4. There's a running joke on the show about Jessie torturing her interns. Here she is killing them. Mmmm, hot, bullet-driven, sexy death. What's that? Most guys don't have a fantasy about being gunned down by a brunette during her wild killing spree? Um, I've said too much.

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