Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Artist of the Week: Elie Seckbach

I was originally going to do another set of videos, but Elie name-dropped me in a video. So in the interests of relentless self-promotion, I'm posting ES today. I first met Elie the way I do all my Internet friends; through being overly opinionated and disagreeing with them, ha. But since then, I've enjoyed his videos and fine work. He recently hit 2,100,000 Youtube views; congrats, Elie! Subscribe to his channel at ESNEWS.

Elie answers a lot of questions here with some honest opinions about Ron Artest, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Jackson that may surprise you. My questions are featured around the 3 minute mark. I also love his quote about "if you're religious be yourself, if not, don't claim to be."

Here are some of Elie's greatest hits:
Gilbert Arenas on Kobe Bryant:

Shaq, D-Wade:

NBA players Hanukkah Greetings:

By the way, I'll clear up some of the RAMPANT, WIDESPREAD, err, non-existent speculation about my move; it's not to Ladies... They wouldn't let me join, um, I mean, I was never interested to begin with. Try a more logical guess, if you wish, below; I'm curious if anyone can get it right.

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  1. Elie Seckbach has grown on me. I found him hokey and corny at first, to be honest... there was too much of "look at the two weird cultures clashing" kinda vibe. But like all things, he's worked on it, and it's gotten better.

    And this was a great post - I really enjoyed his honesty (KG), and how he spoke about Ron Artest's kindness. It was good to hear that kind of stuff. And his advice to the kids - intern, be early, be polite - is great advice no matter what the career is.