Monday, July 9, 2007

AV Monday: Darko Milicic Video

I'm switching Audio Visual day to Monday from Wednesday, because I finally realized that during the summer months, there are no big sporting events occurring during the weekend. So writing a recap column on Monday of the big weekend sports news is a wasted effort.

I decided to try my hand once more at making athlete videos. This one is dedicated to Darko Milicic for his free-agent troubles. After his agent went off on the Magic as if they had left Darko with a knife in his back in Disneyland, I kind of get the feeling that Darko's getting a little desperate. Maybe, just maybe, he's the one big man who won't get overpaid this summer. Forgive me if I'm not overcome by sadness on his behalf.

Music by LA Symphony, "The Money Song".

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