Thursday, July 26, 2007

Guest Bias: Rec-Specs and The 2 Michelles

A Price Above Bip Roberts has decided to let me write another article as part of their "Most Influential" series. What a terrible mistake to let me talk about my favorite sports possession! Here's the Ode to Rec-Specs.*blush* Read the July 25,2007 entry from The 2 Michelles: I had banned myself from putting female bloggers on my Random Sports Crush because I want to keep them all to myself err, I was worried about someone potentially stalking a female blogger if they were featured in an RSC post. But I may have to change my mind now. The 2 Michelles, even if you may not get an official RSC post quite yet, you both certainly already are an RSC to me for being so gracious in your words about my blog. I'm going to have to get a larger hat to fit my ego! Seriously, please do check out their site, as they are blogging about the NFL, a topic I sometimes under-post about on here. Here's their intro video they recently made to tell people who they are and why they are NFL fans:

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  1. Wow. Totally digging the 2 Michelles. So they live in Miami?

    The funny thing is I had a roommate who was about short michelle's height and used to wear a Zach Thomas jersey religiously. And he used to sing the Dolphins song all the freaking time. I used to think he was the only one.