Monday, July 16, 2007

SuperStar Be: Derek Jeter

I usually write a long, pretentious psychological analysis on each superstar. Because no one reads it and it puts even me to sleep, err, because I don't understand Derek Jeter at all, no such analysis today. (Free Darko was right; picture gathering does take forever!) He is hard to figure out. What do you remember Derek saying that was noteworthy or gave insight into his personality? Do you remember the last in-depth interview with him? I certainly don't. Therefore, I shall only use pictures of Jeter with fans and you can analyze him. I am a little surprised at how many of them there were; I thought it would be hard to find pictures of Derek. I am slightly surprised not to find more pictures of him with male fans rather than just female fans, but females are most likely to post such pictures to brag, anyway. (I should say that I left out most of the MANY pictures of female fans assualting Jeter cutouts and figurines. Scary. Cancel that order for MCBias figurines, pronto! No one's grabbing my plaster posterior!)
I am serious. Run Derek, before it's too late.
Becca and Derek Jeter.

The gang here wit Derek Jeter!

Here's the rare female fan who was NOT grabbing a Jeter cutout.
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Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel playing volleyball...and oh, is Derek cowering to avoid a spiked volleyball to the face? This was part of what I was excited about, sadly.

umm derek jeter, jessica biel, and there friend ? playing volleyball

No more comments for now, except for a short open letter. Dear Google-addicted wanna-be girlfriends of Derek Jeter. He's dating the girl in photo #5, err, #8, um, all of them. May I suggest a sports blogger? Sincerely, MCBias.


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MMMM YES...that would be Derek Jeter.

Me and Derek Jeter...or as Katie would say, Deter LOL

Derek Jeter at The Cheesecake Factory!!!!!

Derek Jeter and I

me n derek jeter

New Years 2000 in NYC with Derek Jeter!!!!

Who is that behind me oh yea that would be Derek Jeter!

 DEREK JETER BITCHESS!!!!!!  my fav part of the trip

me and derek jeter! (he was so nice, i have a new respent for him...he said happy birthday to me

DEREK JETER!!!!!!!!!!


  1. jeter is not bad looking, but funny looking. I've never understood his appeal. But I'm afraid. Afraid of The Mack.

  2. I got to admit, say what you want about the guy, but as an athlete is sure is nice to his fans. I mean, looking at all the different locations these pictures are from, doesn't it seem like he always makes time to smile for his fans (even the guys)?

    How could anyone hate this guy?

  3. SML, I felt the same way in the end. I do not like Jeter that much, to be honest; too much propoganda about him. But he did really seem to be like a nice guy from the comments people made and their body/face language when they took pictures with him.