Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MCBias Interviews: Erin Buescher, Part 2

Part 2 of my interview with Erin Buescher. Erin talks about why the women of the WNBA really are beautiful, what she would write about if she had a blog, and her Christian faith. Read Part 1 for what you missed.

Photo courtesy of NBAE/Getty Images.

Suppose you could win a game for the Silver Stars by either scoring a basket, rebounding, passing an assist, blocking a shot, or stealing the ball. Which way to win the game would be your favorite?
No doubt, by a steal.........just so fun and dramatic!!! lol

There seem to be a lot of WNBA player stereotypes. Which ones are definitely not fair or true?
That these women are not take ANY girl off the streets, in the club, out of the magazines, put them in HUGE baggy shorts past their knees, UNflattering jerseys, no make up, sweating, hair pulled back (similar to first thing in the morning styles) and very few women would be feminine and attractive. But if people could see these women off the court they would be SHOCKED. AND, the guys I've dated have loved having a girlfriend that they can go to the gym with, play sports with, and compete with. It's so much more fun!! I think a lot of guys truly are intimidated by a girl who is strong, and confident.....AND can beat them at most Strong, competitive, fierce, athletic, fast, tough on the court....feminine, beautiful, sweet, loving and caring off the court....IS there a better combination?

If you ever had a blog like Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi( on, what would you write about? What don't people know about Erin Buescher that might be fun to tell them?
OH my goodness, to be honest....probably not too much about basketball. There's just so much to life, when I'm out of the gym, I don't spend TOO much time talking about basketball. I love outdoor sports, I love God, I love traveling, different cultures, countries, food, cooking (although I have no idea how), adventures, nature, relationships, fitness, health, HUMOR....any and everything I suppose.

I know you enjoy surfing; what is your favorite surfing memory or day?
I think one morning I woke up before sunrise, and a good friend of mine paddled out in the most beautiful, magical place in Costa Rica. Just my friend, myself and all the morning sea life...watching the sunrise over the rainforest mountains and surfing small, but fun waves.....oooohhhh I think I'm salivating.

I noticed this year that the Silver Stars have a higher than normal number of Christian players on the team; at least 4 by my count. Being a Christian yourself, how (if at all) has it changed your WNBA experience?
It's pretty incredible the San Antonio team this year. It's more than 4, I can tell you that much. We became each others biggest support group....sharing and encouraging each other with our reading the word, with our struggles, our victories...everything. We had a weekly bible study that was intense but also had a LOT of laughs. I think it helped our on court chemistry to be honest. There is NOTHING more important in this life than a real, passionate, growing relationship with Jesus Christ....and we were all able to share the most important thing in our lives with each other. Truly a summer I will never forget.

Finally, what question does the media not ask you that you wish they would? Ask it to yourself and give me your answer.
Reporters just don't ask these kind of questions enough. Hope this is good enough!!

It was, Erin, and thanks to you and Leigh Anne as well for the pictures to accompany the interview. Just a few thoughts from me: I loved the reply about WNBA players and beauty. I agree that men can be intimidated at times; the Ladies... blog also brought this up once (sorry, can't recall the link to post). Also, the part about off-court beliefs and attitudes affecting on-court chemistry also fascinates me. If you like your teammates as people and share beliefs with them off the court, it seems logical that it might translate into better game performance. That's why I'm paying attention to these stories out of Boston that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are becoming friends; yes, it does matter, and it will make the team better.


  1. Thanks for posting the two part interview series! It's great reading how a Christian's faith integrates into her life on and off the court.

  2. I heard Erin speak in 2001 and I got closer to Jesus and he used her bigtime to draw me to Jesus and my faith and She inspired me to read the word and listen to solid bible teaching. Praise God for his goodness and grace