Monday, September 3, 2007

SuperStar Be: Sue Bird

Sue Bird deserves her own post at some point, and since her WNBA season is over, what better time than now to confer such a MARVELOUS privilege as an MCBias post? First, a few thoughts and analysis from me, and then pictures of Sue with fans.

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Sue Bird Be...not the WNBA savior. When Sue was coming into the league, I couldn't believe the hype she was getting. Here was the girl who would single-handedly bring basketball skills, cuteness, and millions of male viewers into the WNBA! I felt bad for her, that so much pressure was being put on her. She's a point guard, not a scorer, and was just out of college. The expectations were not fair. But...

Sue Bird Be...funny. Check out the Bird and Di Blog. I get a kick out of how the two alternatively mock and encourage each other; the camaraderie is fun to read.

Sue Bird Be...resigned to the WNBA's fate. When she came into the league, she worked hard to do all the things the PR people wanted from her. I particularly laugh as I remember a picture of her scowling for Slam magazine. However, I think that she and many other WNBA players have realized that the WNBA will never be quite big time, and yes, they will make more money overseas. Sure, they take pride in the WNBA as a symbol of women's achivement. But at the end of the day, I believe they want to get paid and be seen by as many people as possible even more. Symbolism doesn't put food on the table (insert Latrell Sprewell joke here).

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No, those aren't her kids, ha.

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There's a slight awkwardness or tension to this photo that intrigues me.

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"Lauren, you know that we're trapped here right? Lauren? Hello?"

Ah, so that's how Sue broke her nose the first time, letting go of the band. (Kidding)

ME and SUE BIRD!!! :) omg i diedddd
The "I'm a good citizen" smile in full effect for Sue.

Me and SUE BIRD!
Nice smiles in this one.

Me & Sue Bird
Yes, this picture was taken in New Orleans. No, I won't say anything else, ha.

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Which WNBA superstar is WAY better at a fake smile? ha. Lauren Jackson definitely comes across as the shy one, which is a shame because she's such a talented basketball player. I'm trying to think when I've ever seen a picture of LJ that she looked truly happy...hmm, nope, can't think of any. Too bad.

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amber n me n sue bird
More small folk with Sue

us with sue bird
Sue's just another face in the crowd in this one.

T, SUE BIRD, & me
Another shot of young females with Sue

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And just to switch it up, here's an older black male with Sue


  1. Sue Bird is everything that is good about women's athletics....

  2. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Sue Bird...

  3. I met Sue Bird briefly at a Uconn party did not work out well for me. Diana Turasi on the other hand was hysterical. She was making fun of Geno Auriemma the whole time. Nice piece...

  4. ^One year later, Sue had a great year. She finished 3rd in the MVP race. :=)

    By the way, is Sue gay? Or does she have a boyfriend? HEHE.