Tuesday, September 4, 2007

US Open 2007 Commercial--Bloopers Video

Just watch it, you'll like it.


  1. I just realized three things watching that video, 1) Foreign tennis players really struggle with English, 2) Nadal looks like one of the cavemen off the Geico commercials, 3) Sharapova is even hotter than I originally thought.

  2. I should share my own "spoilers" here as to my favorites:
    1) Nadal's "NO!" shout is hilarious. Sometimes I forget how intense athletes can be.
    2) Sharapova was cool, but she's not my favorite Russian from the video. Elena Dementieva can talk to me in her "Russian voice" anytime.
    3) As far as jokes go, Roddick's "So what are you wearing?" is pretty good, but I also like Justine Henin's "That's my name, I know that" comment outside the bus.

  3. I kinda enjoyed the doubles guys when they were arguing about whether Andy Roddick was going to get all the commercials: "Nah, man, I saw us once last year".

    Doubles partners in tennis = the unpopular kids in school. They probably complain about how Maria Sharapova never looks at them during these things, and is only interest in Roddick....