Friday, September 21, 2007

Pure Sports: Team Juggling, Part 2

Hi all. I was going to either write the next installment in the "Controversy" series or post my interview with a WNBA player. However, both are not quite ready for posting. So please check back next week for the good stuff. Also, I wanted to introduce you to Brad's blog on pickup basketball. He wrote an article about 10 classic fouls in pick-up basketball that you should read. Don't forget the other blog that features significant pick-up basketball content, basketbawful. Also, check out Dan's video of a crazy Red Sox fan (are there any other kinds? ha) at his site.

Last juggling video of the summer series, promise. To update you on the last series, Vova and Olga do not juggle as a team together anymore. Thus, Vova was considering juggling with Kristina instead, seen in the videos below. In the end that too fell through. But these videos exist, and it's too bad it didn't work out. Kristina does some throws that I hadn't seen Olga do in the videos. I think it helps that Vova and Kristina are of similar height.

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