Monday, September 24, 2007

Posterized: Colorful Edition

Mainly positive stories this week, so the posters are also more complimentary than disparaging. Click on the poster to get a larger picture.

Donovan McNabb had a great performance in Sunday's Eagles victory. My two cents on the story: $.01, I did not realize until days later that McNabb only made a few comments about being a black QB in the course of a lengthy interview. The way many media outlets presented the story, that was all he talked about. Shame on them. $.02, I wanted to disagree with Donovan because his timing (in light of his job being in jeopardy) seemed suspicious. However, the shrill "Shut up and play" voices from several media commenters made me hesitate. There still seem to be a significant number of people in this country who (to paraphrase and mangle Henry Ford's Model T comment) will allow their QB to have any skin color he long as it's white. Read three well-thought-out essays about McNabb at TSF, .The Starting Five followup, and Cobra Brigade. There is some real writing talent starting to make itself known in blogland, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Sadly, the formerly Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii are just Warriors now, but the joke was too good to pass up.

I resisted making a crack about Hope Solo being Hans Solo's sister, but just barely.

Come back and read tomorrow for my interview with Erin Buescher of the WNBA Silver Stars.

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