Friday, April 6, 2007

Bloggolalia: Links to Female and Minority Bloggers

Seriously, I am really busy today, so I can't finish all of this. But I decided to put up a list of the female and minority bloggers I know who bring those needed abilities (that I listed below) to the table. Add more if you will. I'll have commentary on each blog's contribution some other time.


Minority: Note: In my own words, not theirs, NOIS believes that exaggerating potential injustices in the sports world will help draw attention to the biases in coverage overall. It's a great perspective and a must-read, but even NOIS doesn't believe everything they write. So grains of salt for you first-time readers, don't overreact, ha.

Ok, that's a start. More?



    Just three college friends talking trash, with the occasional old school video thrown in for good measure:)

  2. Thanks for the Ladies... love McBias.