Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Salvage Value: Jemele Hill, Gilbert Arenas Follow-up

For those of you who read Newsweek, its cover story pointed out that ESPN's Page 2 Jemele Hill played a significant role in getting Don Imus's comments to a large audience. It's surprising to me that ESPN has been so under the radar in acknowledging this, especially with Page 2 being so quiet nowadays. Understandably, though, because of ESPN's ties to ABC, they probably don't want people thinking that their journalists are going around savaging hosts from the competition. (Imus worked for CBS radio and MSNBC TV, if I am not mistaken). Here's the exact quote:

"...Young black journalists were among the first to demand that Imus be ousted. Thursday evening, one day after Imus's comments, Jemele Hill, an ESPN reporter, posted the Media Matters link on the National Association of Black Journalists' e-mail list... In a matter of hours, black journalists in newsrooms across the country were clicking on it, and getting angry. The next day the NABJ demanded an apology from Imus, then called for him to be fired."

Read them for more of the surrounding text.

Also, I received a bit of notoriety here for my Gilbert Arenas SuperStars Be post. It's fair; if I'm going to write a post with strong opinions, I expect to get them back. But just to clarify; I love nerdiness and geekiness. I love late bloomers and underrated prospects. Just look at my Shay Doron post as an example.

Coming from anyone else, my post would be Gilbert-hating. Coming from me, it's excess affection that should make Gilbert double-lock his door as a precaution and hope that I'm not a big John Amaechi fan, ha.

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