Thursday, April 5, 2007

Women's Sports Week Encore: WNBA Draft Pick Pictures Part 2

Part 2 of my WNBA Draft Picture post. As for the human details:
Shay Doron's family is apparently adorable; lots of Jewish babble and calls to Israel to tell family there where she was drafted. They are going to love her in NYC.
Meg Bulger, sister of Marc Bulger, was drafted. No sign of either on site, though.
Rebecca Lobo is apparently very underrated in person. She was talking about her husband for a moment too, but sadly my embedded reporter had no details. (Ok, like I'd tell you anyways. Eavesdropping is a bit much.)
Brooke Smith was eating a huge white-chocolate chip cookie, but my embedded reporter was the softie type and warned her of the lurking camera before he took a picture. Too bad, that would have been fun.
A lot of the ladies were really sweet. I'm not surprised at this. The Draft is a seminal event for an athlete's life; it doesn't get much better than knowing you'll actually make some real money now. It's like graduation...only if you got money at the graduation ceremony. :-) Cool.
Katie Gearlds still seemed to be disappointed at not being able to move further in the tournament than the Elite Eight. It must be really odd to go from trying to beat North Carolina a week ago to being drafted.
No security whatsoever. My reporter should have gotten someone else to go with them so they could have taken pictures at the podium, ha.

Players here include Brooke Smith, Shay Doron, and a player I can't identify. Click for a larger view of any picture.


  1. Well, if the exceptionally poised young woman in the next to last pic in part 1 is Carla Thomas, and you're going in order, then the big woman with the wavy hair in the black dress is Gillian Goring, and persists in being Gillian Goring in the fourth photo in this post. If she's posing with another draft pick, said pick is probably one of her teammates, and I reeeeeeeeeeally don't think that's Megan Vogel, so I'd guess that she's Bernice Mosby, the first-round pick out of Baylor.

    Shay's pants are embarrassing my franchise.

  2. Rebecca, is there a way that I can comment back to you on your blog? Or are all the comments closed? Anyway, wanted to say, I appreciate your comments. Always nice to get long helpful responses.

    Anyway, sure, Shay's outfit was a little awkward on her. But I sadly don't have pictures of Shay playfully adjusting the WNBA draft hat on her grandfather, or chattering away to her friends in Hebrew via phone. From my grand total of 10 minutes in her vicinity, I think she's a sweet girl. You'll like her in NYC, given time, maybe even as much as you liked Becky.

  3. Well, I'm only a part-timer on the Women's Hoops Blog, and Ted disabled comments from the gitgo, as far as I can tell. I'm QnsQueen on either AOL or Gmail.

    I'm glad I found your blog- and to think that when I first clicked the link, I was on Deadspin's side of the Dungy quote issue! It's nice to read a blog that actually takes women's sports seriously without being a blog explicitly devoted to women's sports.

    I think the fanits will embrace Shay the way they did Becky. Me? I haven't been able to stand Becky for the last... five or so years, so Shay's automatically an improvement, and I was hoping we'd get her at that pick. I'm really looking forward to having her, and to the bigs we got in the first round. The record may suck this year, but I think there's a lot of great potential as long as we get rid of that idiot we have coaching, because Coyle doesn't handle young players well at all.