Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bryant Young's Last Play

Did anyone else see Bryant Young, the San Francisco 49'er, play his final down ever against the Browns? He got hurt and fell to his hands and knees...and then tried to crawl on his hands and knees toward Derek Anderson to sack him! This in a game where the 49'ers had nothing to play for, where the Browns had already all but clinched the game.
Bryant Young didn't sack Derek, but I was affected by his effort. I would love to be that kind of finisher in life. Even if I can't walk any more, still being on my hands and knees, crawling toward the target...it's a great inspiration for 2008. Bryant, even if the announcers didn't really notice, and no one replayed the highlight on ESPN, I saw it. Way to finish your 14-year career strong!

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