Friday, January 25, 2008

My Favorite Super Bowl

Several bloggers and I are combining to bring you our Favorite Super Bowl memories. If you want to blog about that, let me know and I'll link to your post. I just ask that you link to everyone else's posts as well (I'll be adding new entries as I receive them). If you are not a blogger, feel free to e-mail me your favorite SB story, and I'll post as many as I can. The "deadline" is Friday; check back then and post in everyone else's link to your post as well. That way people will get to read several favorites instead of just one post. I can send you the HTML code to save time with copy-paste from the link list. So far we have the following:

Dan from Eye on Foxborough with the Patriots-Packers Super Bowl.
Signal to Noise on the Broncos-Packers Super Bowl
MCBias on the Patriots-Rams Super Bowl
The Extrapolater on the Broncos-Packers Super Bowl

The Extrapolater, of, had the following Super Bowl memory:
My dad grew up in Denver, so we agonized through all of the SB losses by the Broncos. Even after the family moved to KC and I started following the Chiefs with my High School crowd, I still loved to watch old Elway sling it, and secretly rooted for him whenever he wasn't playing KC. So my favorite overall Super Bowl moment was the famous run for first down. By that point, it was clear that Elway wasn't the miracle-worker he used to be, and that it was Terrell Davis who was carrying the team. But Elway's leadership and will to win showed up in that heart-stopping dash for first down to keep the dream alive. As he helicoptered in the air, I was too awe-struck to even worry that he might be hurt - I just felt like that was what football was all about.

As a side-line, my favorite Super Bowl memory I never had came just a few years back. I was one of the few SB fans who missed the infamous "wardrobe malfunction". I was a new dad, and had decided to put my son in the bathtub at halftime (trying to be responsible and still watch the game). I figured on a quick wash and dry, slap him in a diaper and some pj's, and back to the game. But little buddy had other plans, as he fired off a couple of torpedoes and laughed with delight. That's right, I missed the beginning of the end of Janet Jackson because my son pulled a Najeh Davenport in the tub. Or, as my friend Bruce would say - he took the Browns to the Super Bowl. Good times.

Here's one of my (MCBias) favorite Super Bowl memories:

Watching the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl with about 10 other people, and only one of them was a Rams fan. Everyone else turned on him and cheered for the Patriots. I just remember that one play where Kurt Warner tried to run out of the pocket for a first down near the goal line...and he looked like he was running in quicksand knee-deep. He had plenty of room, but just couldn't run fast enough, and was tackled short of the marker. Rams fan thought his team still might win, but then Brady led them downfield for that field goal. I seem to recall that the announcers were suggesting that the Patriots should just sit on the ball and force overtime. Terrible idea--I still can't believe the announcers suggested that. After the Patriots won, we gently taunted Rams fan (it was a church function, so people were somewhat nice afterward) and called it a night.

It seems like so long ago that the Patriots were the loveable underdog, and the Rams, of all teams, were the powerful, high-scoring machine with a Super Bowl title. This year, I may still cheer for the Patriots, but for all the wrong reasons. How times change!

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