Friday, January 4, 2008

NFL Play-off Picks (Yawn)

(AFC) Round 1: Jaguars over Steelers, Chargers over Titans.
Round 2: Patriots over Jaguars (close, though), Colts over Chargers
Round 3: Colts over Patriots
(NFC) Round 1: Seahawks over Redskins, Tampa Bay over Giants
Round 2: Seahawks over Packers (weak Packer secondary), Cowboys over Tampa Bay
Round 3: Cowboys over Seahawks
Super Bowl: Colts over Cowboys

1 comment:

  1. "Yawn" I thought the winners would be so obvious that I would yawn too. However, the games were pretty exciting to me. The except would be the only upset among your picks. The upset was the real bore. Tampa Bay played like crap. I'm glad I had a tasty Winking Lizard hamburger and a lot of beer to entertain me instead!