Friday, January 18, 2008

Bloggolalia: MCBias Site News

I realized I hadn't done any year-in-review posts, because I got bored with reading them elsewhere. I'll do a couple of those in the next few weeks. First, I wanted to thank all of you who have read this blog over the last few months. I really enjoy your comments, readers. I don't write for hits and I don't write for ad revenue. I write to start conversations with smart, interesting people who can broaden my narrower perspective. So please, do feel free to comment, and I'll reply back whenever I can. Blogger has now made it possible for you to receive an e-mail when I post a comment in reply, so you don't have to check back several times to see if I replied.

Also, for all you lurkers out there who don't comment, that's fine. But this day, I offer you amnesty to come out and comment even if the comment itself makes little sense. You can go back to your 364 days of not commenting, then, if you don't like the experience. Just give it a try.

I know I post on a very random schedule. You'll get your Mondays and Fridays most weeks, but anything inbetween is up in the air. If you wish, I can either send you e-mail updates of when I post, or you can use to track this blog and others to know when they have been updated.

Finally, this year I wanted to do a lot more posts covering live sports events. If you go to any interesting games and get video/audio/pictures from them, let me know what you have. If it looks good, I'll give you a free post to talk about it and put up your pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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