Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Artist of the Week: Count Boogie

I wanted to start a new series titled "Artist of the Week" to praise the many, many creative people on the Internet that few know about. This will have nothing to do with sports, for the most part. Oh, and if you stalk anyone who I bring to your attention via these posts, you will die. of Ebola. like, tomorrow.

Anyway, the first artist made a personal video about his eating disorder (bulimia) and his desire to be admired. I didn't really care for some of his other videos (, but his raw honesty, special effects on this video, and creativity in writing those lyrics get my attention. We need people to be honest about their struggles, and he's definitely putting himself out there with this song. Here's what he says in the description:

It's about being bulimic while living in my van.
Eating dissorders have been a life long struggle for me so, of
coarse I have to write about it...and by doing so, let anyone else
who is suffering know...that you are not a bad person for it...and you are not alone.
Stay positive and keep fighting.

You know, I have to wonder, are eating disorders a problem for female athletes and male athletes? From the general blogs I read, there are a LOT of women out there with eating disorders. (I wish they could all watch this song, quite honestly...might help them think about it). It's almost to the point when a woman says "I have a problem, and I don't want to talk about it" my first guess is instantly "eating disorder." There are some male bulimics and anorexics, too, but not very many. I know wrestlers, figure skaters, and gymnasts have some issues in those areas. But what about those NFL offensive linemen who love to eat, but have weight clauses in their contracts? You have to wonder if they have any eating issues. Anyway, ignore my idle, uninformed speculation and enjoy the video.

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