Tuesday, October 30, 2007

7 Random/Weird Facts About MCBias

So the boisterous Redhead demanded that I post 7 random or weird facts about myself on this blog before going on hiatus. Despite pointing out that Blogger 2007 is not LiveJournal circa 2003, this is a sports blog not a personal blog, and that facts about myself cause insomniacs to slumber, I decided to push this out before going on hiatus. But I'm not tagging anyone because I'm going on hiatus tomorrow; so I wouldn't get a chance to read them. Oh, and I know the list is kind of grouchy. I just couldn't figure out a way to disguise the good stuff without giving out too much personal info.

1. The last soccer game of my senior year of high school, I headed an own goal into our net that essentially cost us the game. My dad was videotaping the game, but thankfully was distracted at that moment. More amusingly, as part of a plan to capture the glories of my senior year, I had my dad videotape several sporting and academic events. I lost or messed up in every single event he videotaped...let's just say he will never be allowed to videotape me when I'm using power tools.
2. I once got a backstage pass to meet a rather famous singer from a female member of his band who I was also going to meet...and was about 2 minutes too late to be let in.
3. At one volleyball practice, I was hit in the right eye by a spike, and a few minutes later, I was hit in the left eye. I have never been hit in the eye before or since in volleyball.
4. I have worked at a place where a gunman shot someone. Thankfully I was absent the day he did it.
5. One day, my roommate and I were supposed to get up at 8:00 AM for church. We both managed to sleep in until 1:30 PM. Five and a half hours late, even though neither of us is the type to sleep in, and our alarm was apparently set on closer inspection. We're still not quite sure how that happened.
6. I've met people who got perfect scores on the ACT and the SAT (not the same person).
7. I'm an introvert who does surprisingly well at public speaking, thus merrily confusing people about my true personality.

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  1. You're seriously not going to come by and comment on my blog/life for
    the next month? Can I talk you into just visiting me?