Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Quick MLB picks

Rockies in 4 I think the Rockies have one more win streak left.
Cubs in 3 I just don't think much of the Diamondbacks; Randy Johnson's not coming out of the bullpen, folks. Wait, did I just steal a joke Bill Simmons made famous? I will now light myself on...ugh, wait, that's his too.
Cubs over Rockies in 5 And the Rockies fall apart here after taking the first game.

Yankees in 5. Really want to pick my Indians, but Yankees have bullpen + offense over us.
Red Sox in 4. Quick! Name 3 players on the Angels who are not currently injured!
Red Sox over Yankees in 6 Worse pen, but better pitching and offense.

Red Sox over Cubs in 7. I just can't find an advantage for this Cubs team over the Red Sox; but I think they can fight long enough to make this a memorable series.

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